About Me

In the background of this picture, you can see a ridiculous collection of improv books and an artsy, icon-y picture of Jesus, which pretty much sums it up. Also, polka dots make me happy.

My name is Alyssa, and I've been doing Chicago-style improv since 2005. I started learning it at Wheaton College, where I performed for four years and directed for about two years. After I got my feet wet at Wheaton, I trained at the esteemed iO Chicago.*

I'm a Christian and feel strongly about the importance of the church in daily life, and practicing improv has helped me be better at living out that conviction. I know many (most) Christians are not improvisors, and I know many (most) improvisors are not Christians. I don't know how to be one without being the other, and I'm not good at separating my life out into tidy pieces. It's all connected for me.

The name "Thank You, Red Ball!" comes from this game. It is my favorite game.

My day jobs are serving as a secretary/event-planner/people-coordinator/animal-wrangler at Church of the Resurrection and teaching Latin at The Greenhouse. I occasionally blog about non-improv things here.

If you are also in that quirky minority of improvisors-who-are-also-Christians, please say hi. Or if you fit into just one of those categories, you could also say hi! Please say hi.

*That sounds like a linear timeline. It's not. It's a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey thing.** I started iO before I was finished at Wheaton, and I still take iO classes when I'm able and coach at Wheaton when it's needed.

**This is one of only two Doctor Who quotes I know. Don't get your hopes up. Also, don't blink.

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